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October 04, 2014
It is very important to check your keyword rankings within Google to see how you are progressing. So I decided to upload a script to to enable me to check quickly for my latest rankings. You are welcome to check it out for yourself.
I have had a really nice surprise . One of my post titles has made page 1 on google! It has 356 searches a month according to Jaaxy. I picked a really competitive niche before understanding what I should have done, but decided to plug along anyway and learn the basics. Another keyword has been alternating between page 3 and 4 for ages. It has 1200 searches a month. Actually all my keywords were indexed within a couple of days of posting. The site is new but I have the domain name for about 8
The best free online affiliate program is Wealthy Affiliate. You do not even have to register with a credit card to get started. There is so much value even as a free member. You get your own personal affiliate blog and two free websites hosted. You also get free training of the highest quality, and you can use this training to begin earning money from your websites. The training consists of video walk throughs and are continually updated and are really detailed leaving nothing out. As a
I just want to speak for a moment about Ad Blockers. For anyone who does not know what they are, they are an add-on for web browsers that block ads from being shown on a website. This is important to know as lots of people use them. It is important to check out your websites with one just to see what happens. If you have a Wealthy Affiliate banner on your site and you just copied and pasted the html code, then it will not be displayed for any visitor using an ad blocker add-on. What you need to