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Last Update: April 20, 2016

so basically, yesterday i applied to affiliate window as a publisher hoping everything was fine and i would get approved. got an email today looked at my phone i was so excited only to see that my application had been refused. why? so i went on to message the compliance team at affiliate window and i got an email back saying they ran a test on my site and found quite a lot of content from other sources.

I have a football/soccer boots website so some of my contents would have to be from the manufacturers source, for example the features of the boot, well so i thought.

this is the first time something negative would happen in my journey here at wealthy and i just want to say it wont get me down or stop me from achieving my dreams i will succeed. and to others out there who have been knocked back, please use it as a kick up the backside to even work harder and achieve your dreams.

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yakitori Premium
Great story! There will always be bumps along the road but we just have to overcome them and keep moving. I'm sure there are other affiliate networks that you can use so don't worry about it too much. A lot of other opportunities out there.
Good for you for having such a positive outlook on things.
Wish you success!
Benny3991 Premium
Thanks mate, i am not letting anything stop me in my journey and thanks for the advice, im following you now