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April 20, 2016
so basically, yesterday i applied to affiliate window as a publisher hoping everything was fine and i would get approved. got an email today looked at my phone i was so excited only to see that my application had been refused. why? so i went on to message the compliance team at affiliate window and i got an email back saying they ran a test on my site and found quite a lot of content from other sources. I have a football/soccer boots website so some of my contents would have to be from the manu
March 29, 2016
Hi guys, I've been with wealthy affiliate for about two weeks now and I would like to share my progress so far, i have gone from having zero knowledge in making a website to actually making a website about football boots. I give my opinion on football boots, and I would like to add other things relating to football in the future. My main success so far is creating my own website under my own domain, reason why is that I have always thought having your own domain is this big mountain you have t