Diary of WA Progress 51 Weeks to Go

Last Update: October 27, 2016

Hello there!

My name is Christian and I started WA by giving myself a year to make myself successful. Yes, 52 weeks... and one of them is now over, so let's sum it up!

I committed to 3 hours per day, 7 days per week worth of effort. Along with this I committed to any reasonable costs that I might incur other than the immediately stated costs of membership. Reasonable costs, mind you! So, let's sum it up after week 1:

Expenditures after Week 1:

Time: 25 hours (a few over the 3 hours per 7 days that I committed)

Cumulative Money Spent: 82 dollars (more than the 19 I thought I was going to spend: WA 1st month@19, Jaaxy@49, domain name@14)

Accomplishments after Week 1:

It all comes down to one thing, right? So here we are, after 25 hours of action and 82 dollars of investment, I have the accomplished the following:

Earnings: $0

Now, I really didn't expect, or think it fair, to say I'd make any monetary profit in 1 week. If this were 26 weeks left and that number was still 0, well that would be a different story as I certainly expect to make money before 6 months is up. So what did I really accomplish this week?

1) I have a website frame. Mostly empty, but it's a frame.

2) I have a targeted niche, with key words that I will use in my website

3) I have some contacts that I know are following me, and are interested in my success and willing to help me out. I also have contacts that I want to be able to do the same for.


As far as my first week with Wealthy Affiliates is going, I'm a little disappointed with a few things. To be in Course 2 Lesson 5 and have no affiliate links to add in to my site (i.e. a link people can click on to buy) is kind of strange. To not even have an inkling from the training at this point as to what that might even look like is also a bit disappointing. Maybe I'm putting the cart before the horse, so I'm still in the game.

As far as the training videos, I feel like huge gaps need to be filled. The entire time I built my site I was following Kyle's instructions very carefully, then he said it was time to have someone review my site. Um, review 5 blank pages? As far as the WordPress training goes, I admit I had to spend some time off-course on YouTube videos to understand some of the WordPress functions.


One week into it, and I AM happy about certain things:

Hey, I would pay 82 dollars every week if the hope I have now could be put in a bottle and delivered to my door each morning!

Admittedly, I've learned a lot this last week, and I'm not going to bullet point it all in this blog. I am keeping this blog primarily for myself, to be able to track my own successes and failures, insights and aggravations, so that when I look back upon it in 6-8 months, I can have a simple chuckle about what it took to get where I am.

So if you read this, I thank you for your time and interest, and encourage you to follow me through the weeks and see how my understanding, and even more importantly my income, continues to grow.

Why 52 weeks? Well, I simply must be done with my J.O.B. within the next year. My bet is, WA will take me where I need to be long before then.

Thanks for listening and for all your help! See you next week.



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GayleneNepia Premium
Hi Christian,

Great Plan. Looking forward to seeing your progress.
PMbaluka Premium
Thanks Christian for displaying your road map. What you're doing now is a long term investment that will require your consistent commitment. It's a journey you have just began and I'm well convinced you will love it.
OrenL Premium
Sounds like a winning game plan!
PatLemy Premium
Thanks for sharing !