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November 21, 2017
Hi everyone,Yes, its been a fair while and until very recently I was all set to give W.A. away . Much has transpired that's left me unable to blog, I have been clinging onto life with my fingernails.... that's all I was able to do over the last few months.I don't want any back slaps however I am able to finally say that I'm proud of my resilience ..something I would never been able to say about myself prior to travelling this most recent bumpy bit in the road that is recovery from Narcisstic Ab
August 09, 2017
Yes , July did indeed pass me by without writing here but whereas, in the beginning (.....was the word, and the word was with God and God was the word!)......well excuse me going off track here how about that ...I just remembered that John 1:1 from my school days ( church school obviously! Haha!) I'm not particularly religious these days but just goes to show that if you hear something often enough it'll stay with you! Im probably agnostic now having taken a more spiritual tack guess you'd say
June 02, 2017
Robert Louis Stevenson once said :Don't judge each day by the harvest you reap but by the seeds that you sow! That was the theme of the meditation I did this morning and it resonated with me so much! At first It may seem a bit silly to say don't judge your days by what you reap because if you achieve something that's great news. But in reality what we "reap" on a daily basis is not is not always so good. Sometimes we have bad and sad days .So , I think that in the end its not so much about wh
May 16, 2017
Hi everyone!Can't believe that its a month since I wrote here last! And I haven't moved on as nearly much as I had hoped but as I said above "stuff happens". BUT I have done my first review and I'm trying to get some sense out of adsense who are being very hard to contact/get my problem across to .... so Ive left them alone and will come back to them when I can! It'll get sorted ! Ive been trying to work pretty much FT in the business I'm a partner in , establish my own Counselling business , s
May 09, 2017
"Whats on your mind" says when I go to start this blog ! WA WA WA WA WA WA WA ...thats approx one WA for the weeks Ive been here! And watch me go ! If a few of you " like" this I might even go under 500 in ranking that would be mega exciting! Only 499 to go ! Bahahahahaha! What a journey ! (btw I dont like the term " journey" ..but anyway I just said it !) None of us is perfect and we all do things we said we wouldnt do !! Never say Never !So ...the last week or so Ive slow
April 12, 2017
Hi !I'm Ros and my niche is Recovery After Narcissistic Abuse . It could be a bit of a grizzly subject but Im planning to focus on the positives which is in line with my counselling philosophy . Im coming from a strength based /solution focused perspective. I plan to add it a bit of fun stuff in order to keep things light but yet informative about this form of Domestic Violence which is still all too common. I'm at the end of Course 2 which is why Im doing this "blog" post so that both you and