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Last Update: June 09, 2019

I recently applied for Google Ads and I was so excited about the steps I had made so far only to be slapped with a non approval! I got so discouraged to the extend that I haven't been able to even finish my freebie content which was almost three quarter done.

On the flipside, when I checked my Google Analytics, I notice a growth in my website with 28 users in one week! And 101 users per month! This is really encouraging despite my discouraggement with Google Ads.

Now I need help on the way forward with Google Ads. What do I need to do? Has anyone gone through the same?

Please guide.


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Ahimbe Premium
I urge you not to be discouraged. You just have to keep on working on your website by adding fresh content. After every three posts you can reapply.
You will be be approved eventually.
belian Premium
Oh thanks Ahimbe for that encouragement.