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Last Update: September 01, 2018

I’m totally new at this and I can’t offer much right now in terms of what to do to help others achieve success as an affiliate. I’m just learning how to walk myself, BUT what I do know is without vision we perish. You have to know what you want to achieve AND you have to see yourself already having it. If you set up goals plaster them in front of you where you can see them each day and declare that YOU ARE and YOU HAVE whatever it is you desire! That I do know must be kept in front of me! A woman who’s pregnant can already imagine her baby before they arrive. We birth what we see, think and imagine ❤️

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marycmiller Premium
Welcome to WA, you will find that as you go through training you will learn so much that you will be ready to help the new members behind you. In the meantime this post was totally motivational and sometimes even the more experienced members need that, so you are already helping. Best wishes on your journey. Thanks for the post.
smartketeer Premium
You might be new at this but you've made a great point:

"without vision we perish"

Godsmack12 Premium
Very powerful. What you have to offer is inspiration. The new person also offers us to allow us to help you grow.
begal123 Premium
Thank you!
TheCatherine Premium
excellent advice. Just because you knew at this doesn't mean that you can't blog about how you learn because there are other people out there who want to learn how to make a success wealthy affiliates. So go ahead create your blog but consider promoting wealthy affiliates because your attitude will set you apart
begal123 Premium
Yes I believe I’d like to do that once I become knowledgeable enough. Thank you!