Why a Pile Matters!

Last Update: March 26, 2015

A coach once told me to listen to the person with the bigger PILE!

Now you wonder what the word pile means to me, so just bare with me for a second.

I frequently do training sessions to help real estate agents with lead generation. I am very successful at lead generation and it always amazes me how many of those I teach will rather fight me about why my methods will not work for them, rather than just follow and implement it so they can also achieve the same results. These are normally also the people whose PILE is smaller than mine.

So in simple terms, when you want to learn to make money online, will you listen to the person whose PILE of money they make online is larger than yours or the person who is struggling to make money online?

To me it will make sense to listen to someone who consistently has a large PILE of leads daily, than to someone who has nothing.

This is also the reason why I am a member of WA. To learn from successful online marketers who is making large piles of money, because their PILE of money is much larger than mine.

I tried to analyze why some people will not change and my conclusion is that it is easier for them to do the same as other people who also have a small pile, in order for them to also complain about their small pile.

It is also interesting that the people with the smallest pile are also those who are the most opinionated and would rather talk than listen.

My advice is to listen and take advice from the person whose PILE is bigger than yours.

I refer back to my blog that "You cannot create Motivation"

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MarionBlack Premium
Thanks for sharing. You just reminded me that my maternal grandfather's surname was 'Heap' so having a bigger 'pile' is in my genes. ~Marion