Are you a Winner or a Whiner?

Last Update: March 31, 2016

Everyone will immediately say WINNER, but maybe you should just sit and think for a while before you are so sure.

A winner in my book is someone who is positive and uses imagination to get things done, you know the glass is half full kind of person. The whiner is the person who will tell you the half full glass is too big and that you should have used a smaller glass.

The whiner is so focused on what is wrong about everything and what everybody else is doing that they do not agree with, that they forget to focus on what positive change they can make.

My father taught from a young age that there are 3 kinds of people, the first kind are those that make things happen (WInners), the second kind are those who watch things happen (generally Whiners) and thirdly those who wondered what the heck happened (definitely Whiners).

The reason many people are whiners are because it takes no effort. On the other hand to be a winner takes effort but rest assured the end result is well worth it.

How you react or project is a choice only you can make. I will encourage everybody to make that choice before you react, before you write a comment or say something, decide if you are going to whine or if you are going to add something positive to the mix.

Your comments and thoughts on this will be appreciated.

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greenbrierwv Premium
Befree---Great, great words of wisdom. I totally agree with you. Those who get things done, who move ahead with their dreams, are those who push aside all the doubts and just keep plugging ahead despite any setbacks. Well said!
Befree Premium
Thanks for the reply, really appreciate it. WA is an awesome community I have the privilege to be part off since 2009.