Information Overload Survival Guide

Last Update: June 18, 2017

Does anyone else find that WA is filled with useful information that sometimes can get too overwhelming?

While training, creating, maintaining and adding content to my website, learning about the perks to engage with the WA community, and taking advantage of those perks, I tend to get lost in all that there is to offer. I have slowly figured out the importance of goal setting and time management, and am, admittedly, still a rookie at following through with some of these concepts.

I have created an "Information Overload Survival Guide" for myself to follow and would like to share it with you.

  • First and foremost, do not stress over what you have achieved or not achieved. Your progress here at WA and on your website will depend solely on the amount of time that you can devote. If you get too caught up in advancing through the entire system, you are potentially setting yourself up for a self-defeatest attitude and might start to question your abilities.
  • Set time-specific goals. As you progress through the training, you will learn that there are more and more things that get piled onto your to-do list, and most of these things need to be continuous. Creating a work schedule is a very good idea to help manage those goals. Sticking to the plan, although very necessary, is not the be all and the end all because you will constantly be having to tweak it as you build on your skills.
  • Post-it notes! Most computer operating systems have post-it notes.

    It is a good idea to save the application to your computer's taskbar so that you can access them quickly. You can now quickly jot down new ideas, things you want remember to go back to, and especially, newly learned tools that require regular activity and may need to be incorporated into your schedule. (If you have time to reorganize or add to your work schedule as you develop these tools, even better.)
  • Set reminders in your calendar or on your phone to review your Post-it notes regularly. Keeping notes as you progress through WA is an excellent resource, but it is important not to forget to go back to them.
  • Create an advanced organization system where you are saving any WA material with FOLDERS!!! This system will save an immense amount of time when needing to retrieve images, blogs, etc. that you have saved if you take this action everytime you are saving new items. If you only require keeping something temporarily, just save it to your desktop and then remove it when you no longer need it.
  • Equally important to all the others, ensure you are taking time for SELF-CARE in your busy life. It is easy to get trapped and frustrated in the WA world and forget to ensure you are keeping yourself your number one priority. Make time for yourself to do what you love to do, spend quality time with your loved ones, and engage in any activity that will allow you to destress or unwind. Do not sacrifice sleep, eating, and prior engagements for the sake of your goals here on WA. It comes down to finding a good balance and deciding how much time you truly have to commit.

Please, if you have any further suggestions, comment below!

As previously mentioned, I too, struggle with these necessary steps to avoid information overload and sometimes question my ability to continue with my commitment to this process. I would love to see some words of encouragement or offers of advice for myself and anyone reading this blog post.

Thank you,


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Thanks a lot, very useful guide.