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Last Update: August 07, 2017

It's Back to School time and my site is about homeschooling. Even as a homeschooler, I indulge in the Back to School sales. So, today, I posted about the back to school sales offered by the people I'm affiliated with.

I probably could write a ton of material prior to listing all the sales I found and their expiration dates, but I didn't. I spent more time focusing on choosing which sales would appeal to other homeschooling and traditional schooling families.

My goal is to check back with these companies to see if they're going to offer a different sale next week and the week after.

If this becomes a success, then one of my posts each week might be for the sales I've found for my niche. Even if it fails, I may continue to see if regular posts on the topic increases my level of authority so that people come back as well as spread the word.

Have you posted about sales within your niche? If so, I'd like to know how frequently you post and what your posts look like. Some examples would be fabulous!

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halinphilly Premium
As long as you're consistent, you won't fail. If yoy try a few times and then stop because it doesn't seem to be working, then you'll fail. Following through very important and consistency is key.
Beckywahm Premium
Thank you for your insight. I had a feeling that consistency matters and it takes a while to develop a reputation.
MKearns Premium
Selling is central to customer conversion. Starting a series on it is a great idea Becky!
Beckywahm Premium
Thanks for coming by and leaving your thoughts. I think it would help my site to have more of a focus if I created a series or two. It kind of lacks direction right now.