On a Roll: Two for Two

Last Update: August 26, 2017

On a roll over here! Two days in a row.
Today I wrote a review using the low hanging fruit method on a product I want, but don't own yet.

I believe I spent about 6 hours researching and writing the review. The product is for a company I recently affiliated with and was unknown to me even though I've been in this niche for many years. I look forward to seeing how it performs, especially since there aren't a lot of other reviews on this product yet- just testimonials from customers on the product's website.

One thing I've started doing lately is finding companies that let you try their products for free. This is one of them. I find that these trials help me to write a better review. It also seems that companies who offer affiliates opportunities to try their products first hand really want to make a difference in the lives of other people.

The other company that gave me a free trial will let me try their entire course out on my son. When he's done, I can turn it in for another course to try. This is what they say about the free trial, "We want to make sure you promote a product you believe in!" And they still offer a base 20% commission. Win! Win!

Lesson learned: I love to affiliate with companies who like to make a difference and also let me try their products at no charge so I can get to know their product and write a better review.

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cosmicradio Premium
Great job, Becky! That's definitely a Win-Win situation! :)
Carol46 Premium
I like your idea, Rebecca. Must look into it :)
Beckywahm Premium
I wish you the best of success as you look for ways to try the products you're promoting.
MKearns Premium
Yes Becky. If they really want to affiliate their products they won't hesitate to provide samples. It is definitely a win win for all!
Beckywahm Premium
I agree. I do believe that the "big box" companies aren't as interested in offering samples. I've found it's the small companies that care about getting great reviews.