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May 21, 2018
A company I'm affiliated with is having a HUGE campaign on Wednesday. So, I email all my subscribers to promote it. I leave the computer for a couple hours and come back to find that some links were clicked.For some reason, I decide to test my links now... why didn't I earlier? No clue.2 of them are dead and take me to a 404 error! All because I forgot to include https://www. at the front of the link. UGG!So, I create some redirected posts on my website. all the "/" and "." I include in the lin
I have a Facebook group for customers who frequently visit my site to shop or get more info about the products in a personalized way. Over 100 members are there this week, I asked them how they like to access information and be served. Now, I'm getting a request to create a podcast. Do you recommend using a plugin on Wordpress or going directly to iTunes and Google Play?
I was just checking my email and found my first Wealthy Affiliate and Jaxxy referral email notifications. I was totally surprised because my links are on the footers of my websites about homeschool and essential oils. Anyway, I'm excited!
Once again, one of the companies I was working with had a daily BOGO special M-F last week. I emailed all 175 of my followers on my website (plus 141 people who have ordered in the past) about the deals and ran my own giveaway. I also ran an unpaid Facebook campaign by announcing the week of promotions and inviting people to join a private group (thus increasing the odds that they'll see my daily posts about promos and my giveaway).Sales increased by $3646, making it the 2nd highest month in s
November 29, 2017
As I've been Christmas "window" shopping online for myself, I wasn't totally sure about which models of things I wanted to buy. So I posted on my Facebook Timeline asking if anyone has these products, what they thought, and if they would recommend it or a similar product. From these links, I earned $8.60 from 12 shipped items worth $208.31. Now I know whether to keep the products I'm interested in on my wish list or not and I made some money in the process.
August 26, 2017
On a roll over here! Two days in a row.Today I wrote a review using the low hanging fruit method on a product I want, but don't own yet. I believe I spent about 6 hours researching and writing the review. The product is for a company I recently affiliated with and was unknown to me even though I've been in this niche for many years. I look forward to seeing how it performs, especially since there aren't a lot of other reviews on this product yet- just testimonials from customers on the product'
August 24, 2017
This has been a crazy week for me. I imagined things would go a certain way, but they turned out very differently. It kind of felt like I had a lot of "fires" to put out. Just as I would plan to sit down and homeschool my kids or work on my websites, a "fire" would come out of nowhere. I'd have to drop everything and "extinguish" it.My week could be summed up with these emoticons.Just this afternoon, 3 "fires" happened in rapid succession. To top it off, my kids started having meltdowns (probab
August 21, 2017
I just logged in for the first time today and was Blown. Ah. Way! How did I get to the top 100? I'm just using WA in a way that helps me to move forward. Anyone else have surprises in their rank today?
August 07, 2017
It's Back to School time and my site is about homeschooling. Even as a homeschooler, I indulge in the Back to School sales. So, today, I posted about the back to school sales offered by the people I'm affiliated with.I probably could write a ton of material prior to listing all the sales I found and their expiration dates, but I didn't. I spent more time focusing on choosing which sales would appeal to other homeschooling and traditional schooling families.My goal is to check back with these co
This week, I shared my strategy for increasing sales during a BOGO week for one of the companies I am affiliated with. I ran into a few snags with the email campaign portion.I use the MailPoet plugin for my autoresponder, newsletters, etc. on my site. There, I had the option to use SendGrid or my website's host. I chose SendGrid.First, I exhausted all of my SendGrid free emails (the SendGrid allows 12K to be sent out for free). I didn't realize it right away, so a bunch of email errors started