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Last Update: July 11, 2016

Need help from all my friends near and far. I hope this is OK, asking for help. As I'm getting all the plug-ins to develop my website into the first class retail site and blog site I want it to be. Ii needs a specific kind of traffic. It's a lot of work building it and well worth it to make it run the way I plan. Getting it back to what I had before is no small feet, believe me. But I'm confident it will get there. Meanwhile, I've already started a facebook promotion while I'm still building the site. What I I really need is for people to post recipes. So I'm asking people to please post a recipe.... for anything. Don't care what the recipe is for. Posting it with a little story would be great. But hey, just a posting a some kind of recipe at least, to help me get things started, is what I really need. I'll be getting the rating form up soon also, so you can rate the recipes. Please let me know what you think of the site so far and any thoughts on how to make it better. Any help or suggestions are appreciated. I'm also asking everyone on my facebook to post recipes. Because I need a lot of recipes posted as fast as possible. So I'm stretching my limits everywhere. It's crunch time and I'm going to be working my a** of for the rest of this week. I wish my air conditioner wasn't out. It's way to hot and I'm roasting sitting here at the computer. The price we pay on the road to success.

I'm contacting product sources directly and hope to have everything lined up pretty soon. I'm not sure what resources WA has for the commercial side of things but I have ways of handling that. One of my best resources is World Wide Brands. I have a lifetime membership with them. So I can use them whenever I need to find product manufacturers or wholesalers for products to sell on a website. No second-tier wholesalers, or scams guaranteed, only the real deal already verified. I highly recommend them. No affiliate ties or anything, It's just a great way to find products.

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Loubelle Premium
Hi that's fantastic all the best regards
JVanDerLaan Premium
Hi Becka,

Not sure if this is what you're looking for but I have venison recipes on one of my websites.
Feel free to use them!
It would be great if you included a link to the page.

Becka56 Premium
Thanks JV

Could you post them on my site with your link? That would be great. If the sites are set up in WA so that you can't, I'll be happy to do it.

Becka56 Premium
JV I published the stuffed bell peppers recipe. If you can add something else, that would be great!