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Last Update: Mar 20, 2017


Help in the most unlikely place.

Just over a month ago I had one of the worst day of my life. After a very intense and emotional day of dealing with some self-inflicted issues, I came home and logged into WA. I should not even be looking at my site considering what I was going through at the time...but I did.

After logging on I saw that I had 5 new followers. I clicked on one to check the profile..I do not know why I chose that particular profile, it wasn't the first one listed...but I did.

I started to read and to my amazement this person had the professional experience that I needed at that very moment. I thanked him for his follow and proceeded to tell him how he must be ''God Sent'' as I was in need of some professional advice in his field. I asked for his help or if he could point me in the right direction (we share same country).

He graciously offered his help and provided me with his phone contact information. We have communicated only throught PM because I was not ready to speak directly about my issues.

What I would like to share is how grateful I was for this person and how helpful and kind he was to me in my time of need(crisis).

You know who you are...

I just want to let you know how grateful and appreciative I am for your kind words and your words of encouragement. I am still feeling the effects of my issue but is able to deal with it, keep moving and learn from the mistakes.

If I never make a dime with WA, what you have done for me would be more than worth it.

Thank you so very much.


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I totally agree. Sometimes I just type a question and the answer will appear on my screen in a blog, or whatever. It feels like it is heaven sent. I am following you!

Everything happens for a reason. I'm glad you were able to make a connection when you needed the most. Take care.

Thank you Jerome. I do believe everything happens for a reason and there is some good in even the worst situations.


Everything is on the up...
Thank you Phil!

Hi there
best of luck
hope everything is on the up
best wishes and good luck

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