Is Your Business Mobile Friendly?

Last Update: February 15, 2017

Results of questions posed to a dozen marketing and agency executives, showed that at top of mind of all was the increase in mobile business. More people are using their smartphones to do a lot more than before. It's their go to device for research before they purchase, it's with them wherever they go.

They believe, there are 5 questions marketers should ask themselves in 2017. See the answers here

How is your site viewed on mobile devices? Some are mobile friendly some not so much. Are you losing potential customers because you fall into the latter group, take a look and see what you can do to capture them.

Make sure you're capturing those "I-want-to-buy-moments". I found the stats interesting, thought I would share. Hope you find the information useful.

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Phil-58 Premium
Great post BB
very interesting and useful
bbyard Premium
Thanks Phil
AnthonyMLM Premium
Absolutely need to our website mobile
jtaienao Premium
This is actually a very important point. Most people today surf the net on their mobiles so we need to insure that our websites are optimized for mobile. Thanks for sharing.
bbyard Premium
You're welcome