Looking for Etsy feedback

Last Update: Aug 5, 2017


I know a number of WA members sell on Etsy. I am trying to get feedback on your experience with Etsy. I was going to pose this as a question but figured it would probably reach more as a post. Please leave comments or PM me. Thank you.


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I've been selling there for a couple of years now. It's an easy platform to navigate and you do save some on using their shipping labels. Christmas is a great season to have a shop there.

Are the fees reasonable? I just could not figure it all out.

The fees do sound reasonable, I believe it is 3.5% of each sale, and .2o cents per item to list but my math any theirs never quite agree. I have been wondering lately if a person could do just as well with their own website and then we can focus on just advertising it. I am considering that just to cut out the extra fees.

That is my thought as well. Though the added traffic during Christmas might be of value.

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