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Just a quick note of thanks for the recognition. I be boop around in here but don't consider myself other than an active member. Time flys when your haveing fun, so have a blast!
So the alarm goes off and I see that it is a half hour late, not a good start on the day. I get to my favorite cereal and pour the cereal and milk into a bowl and top it with some sugar. You probably guessed it, the sugar was replaced with salt! That ruined that. As I scurry to get out the door on time, I see that my alarm clock was set a half hour ahead so now I am not late. I head to the bathroom before going out the door. Don't you know it, the plunger chain was undone. My wife must have bee
August 05, 2017
I know a number of WA members sell on Etsy. I am trying to get feedback on your experience with Etsy. I was going to pose this as a question but figured it would probably reach more as a post. Please leave comments or PM me. Thank you.Bruce
June 20, 2017
Wow! One year already. When I reflect on what all has been going on in my life this past year, I lost track of my time with WA. We are all in control of our own destiny but we are influenced by those that we choose to associate with. I want to thank everyone who has helped me thus far. And equally, I want to thank those of you who have allowed me to be a part of your learning experience and projects as well. May God continue to bless us as we continue to help and encourage each other.
May 16, 2017
Have you ever been on a car ride that took you across a desert? That is how I have been feeling of late. I entered WA almost a year ago and I saw signs that pointed me to success. I knew that it would require learning new skills and applying them, but I was not sure how long that it would take. With a full tank of fuel (ambition) and course plotted I set out on my new adventure.I took on a niche that I could really be passionate about and built a website around it. I tried to be methodical abou
March 18, 2017
I am not writing this for pity or for WA rank points but just as a means to vent. I have been planning to move to warmer climate and got a move date set with help and everything scheduled. Everything appeared to be ok. As I was preparing to tell my family, my mother goes into the hospital. She was discharged into hospice care. Trying to get her the care she needs, my father goes into the hospital and Dr. has an end of life chat with him.I am now 1 week from the move date and both parents, on 2
I know it has been said many times and many ways, Merry Christmas!I hope that the season brings you joy and happiness as you enjoy family, friends and goodwill toward your fellow man.I pray you will have a blessed New Year and a safe holiday season.Bruce
December 12, 2016
To keep your mind sharp is a real challenge. Have you ever had to think so much that your brain actually hurt? That happened to me a few years ago when I needed to change my career. After being comfortable in the automotive service business, I had to change to a sedentary type of work. I chose to train in the architectural drafting field. My mind was challenged like I can not remember when. I had to recall things that I had knew in the past as well as to learn a lot of new things.I had some kno
November 25, 2016
I have been on a very strict eating lifestyle since the end of March. Now with Thanksgiving upon us, I had to answer the question. To feast or not to feast. With a strict limit of carbs and calories and elevated protein, you can see my dilemma. I must tell you that my new found eating habits are not doctor ordered but of my own decision. I found myself extremely overweight and made up my mind to help my body in its healing efforts.I realize that dieting is often considered to be faddish, but I
November 23, 2016
My motivation to start on online business was financial. I found myself on disability, no fault of my own, and detest the idea of relying on our Federal government for my lively hood. Your's might be something entirely different. I have seen posts of people who wanted to expand their local business. Others who had a passion that they wanted to share with the world, with no real thought of financial gain. And I am sure there are many other motivational reasons that I have not mentioned.First I