Three Easy Tips For Writing Better Ads, Articles and Reviews

Last Update: September 28, 2016

1. Keep It Simple: avoid repetition & redundancy; keep it plain & simple by not over complicating things or overstretching an idea.

2. Keep It Clear: avoid ambiguity (unclear) & clutter; keep it crisp & clear by not mixing tenses or using jargon. Jargon would be a word or words used by a specific group or company that don't make sense to everyone else.

3. Keep It Elegant: avoid inconsistencies in writing style & unbalanced paragraphs; keep it pristine and elegant by keeping your paragraphs consistently small and limited to a singular idea or topic.

Your readers will thank you for a better to comprehend article!


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soulhurdler Premium
Thanks for the great practical advice Barb and taking the time to share it :-)
JudeP Premium
Fab advice Barb, thank you :)
Mike-Writes Premium
Great tips, Barb! Thanks for sharing.
Chrissies Premium
Many thanks for sharing:)
MPollock Premium
Great advice. thank you.