The Secret Ingredients of Wealthy Affiliate Program

Last Update: January 13, 2019

There are thousands, if not millions of Programs on the Internet that appeal to desperate and not so desperate people (I was one of them) that are trying to escape the routine, change their job, create a better future for their family, and overall improve their life.

There is nothing wrong with wanting success, there is nothing wrong with helping people achieving their success; what is wrong are the literally mountains of Programs and communities on line making promises that they cannot and will not keep. So what are the secret ingredients of Wealthy Affiliate Programs that have changed me from a super skeptical person to becoming a speaker and promoter of this fantastic community and course?

From a skeptical to a full believer

I have been now on Line for a little over a month, I will not pretend I have made a million sales, but I know for a fact I am the owner and creator of a Website that has so far received a fair amount of traffic considering I am new to the business, a website that allows me to promote a niche I am deeply passionate about, a Website that I know it is only the beginning of my new future.

A future where I can be at home with my two children, provide for them, take care of all the responsibilities that come with being a mother and a wife and I can do all that not spending ten hours of the day outside the house, between commuting to and from work and obviously the time I spend at work. Creating, developing, improving my own business, my own website:

My Vegan World

WA did that for me; actually I have to rephrase that, WA gave me the tools and taught me how I could do that for myself.

The Secret Ingredients of WA

There is not one ingredient that WA gives you, there is literally a long list of ingredients that I was given, tools I was taught and constantly am taught to use to better myself and make sure my business develops and is successful not on the short term but in the long run as a long term powerful career.

I signed up before with other courses which I rather not mention but none of them taught me from scratch from the pure basic way to signing up for Wordpress to the installation of plugins and building contents, and using correctly all the Social Medias and understanding your niches and..and ..and.

The List could go on

I started as a mum, that does not even have English as her main language and went from not knowing anything about a blog, a Post or Website to where I am now and truly feel confident that in the space of so little time I have learned a thousand and one things more than a month ago.

The training here at WA is honestly superb, I even like the tone of the voice when I listen to the video training. Most of the time you have people that sound very hype and egocentric and rather than teach you stuff they are really trying to sell themselves, but NOT HERE.

The training here is what it says it is: training.

You learn, and apply, and then move on to the next lesson.

And if you do not understand or if you get stuck in some dilemma, you ask, and you get a reply. Not tomorrow, not in the next 48 hours, you get a reply now, or maybe in the next 30 minutes. I never had to wait longer than 10.

Would I recommend it ?

In a second!

I am not one to recommend things, I know for those who don't know me it is hard to believe me, but I always find really hard to tell people how good a thing is if I do not feel I have proof of it. And proof comes from experience and this time I have lived it.

I am the living proof and witness that WA is so far the best Affiliate Marketing Program I have ever seen.

For their training, for their step by step guide, for their simple way to explain things especially if you are someone like me that has never done this stuff before.

And for the community, yes a Community that is helpful, supportive, encouraging and never makes you feel like you are alone.

So, YES for all the beautiful ingredients WA has to offer in a Recipe for Success I would say to everyone out there joining WA has been the best thing I have ever done for my Future

May you all have a blessed day!

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kevin928 Premium
Wel done Barbara, I wish you continued success and if there is anything we can do to share each others passion let me know even if it is just a facebook like.

Babou3 Premium
Great post!
WA is the choice to make if we want to succeed
honestly on the internet!