My first two articles

Last Update: November 03, 2018

Hello WA family,

I love to write, this is one of my favorites activities after my job and the sport.

But we have to put things in their place! When I talk about what I do in this platform to my friends and my family; they told me: "Oh it's cool you just have to sit down and write what you want!"

You know what? I thought like that before! But But But since I made my first two articles I understood. I understood that it's serious!

Yes it is nice and I love what I do here, I work on topics that interest me, I can write my articles in a light tone. However, it doesn't happen in ten seconds. We have to do research, we need to know our subject, so that the people could trust us.

I think for the friends of WA who are here for a long time it's a commonplace but for a newbie like me it could be surprising all the work that it requires. When we talk about hard work it's not a joke. It's a real job that take time.

But it is not a waste of time. I have a real goal like all my friends here. As I told you in my presentation I am a therapist who work with children with autism and others who mental issues. And if I want to be able to do more for them I will need more money.

We all have a goal here so every time we have a blow of tiredness we must remember this goal to not let go.

So let's all stay positive! And don't get out of the car because the way is a bit hard!

Thank you for taking the time to read me and sorry for my English it isn't my mother tongue, I am from Switzerland.

See you!!

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MrBiizy Premium
Yes! Our goals, if inspiring can keep us motivated to reach them...

Your English is cool my friend.
coach-john Premium
Your English is fantastic Ingrid! So don't beat yourself up. Switzerland wow! Spricht du Deutsch oder Franzosich?
Babou3 Premium
Thank you so much.
I speak Französich and Deutsch and English.

Thanks for your kind messages!
coach-john Premium
A true polyglot
No need to thank me.
You are awesome Ingrid!
Babou3 Premium
Thanks to people like you, who help us, it makes my job less difficult.
smartketeer Premium
Congrats Ingrid!

Everything is hard before is easy :)