Stuck, Out of fuel need to refill some GAS

Last Update: May 02, 2019

I'm stuck on the track of SAC, still got more tasks to finish.

Hello everyone here at WA I bet most of you is struggling with Supper Wealthy Affiliate Challenge.

I just wanna stop by you and see what is things going on with you in SAC. I have been active earlier with live chatting and I can see most of you are doing good with the challenge while others still struggling (that includes me by the way)

And here the tasks that I have accomplished so far:

Month 1: Architecting Your Website Framework LESSON TASKS

1- Choose a Theme That You Are Happy With (checked)

2- Customize Your Theme to Your Liking (checked)

3- Install the Lazy Load Plugin (Lazy Load by WP Rocket) (checked)

4- Create a Logo for Your Website (checked)

5- Establish Your Bearings With (checked)

6- Establish the Framework of Content on Your Site (checked)

7- Manage Your Widget Layouts (checked)

8- Update Any Fonts & Colours that You Like (checked)

9- Create New User w/ Gravatar Account (checked)

10- Research and Come Up With 50 Low Competition Keywords (pending)

11- Set-up Your Monthly SiteContent WORD Goals (checked)

12- Set-up Your Monthly SiteContent ARTICLE Goals (checked)

I still got 8 articles to be published to my website, I feel like out of low competitive keywords haissss :( :( : ( I Stuck on this ...

I feel like I'm out of fuel to keep going to the finish line of Month1 challenge, I guess I need to refill some gas...( off for few hours)



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BarbaraN Premium
Sounds like you are well on your way. I'm about 10 or 11 days behind because of computer problems. I've got to do a lot of speeding in order to catch up.
You're doing well.
DesireeA Premium
I understand that too. I'm having computer issues as more bump in tge road. :)
Azizmj Premium
I hope you both can catch up on the challenge soon
PaulREvans57 Premium
I’m about where you are. Keep plugging away. I keep a notebook handy and write down any possible keywords I come across for further research later in the day. That way my list is getting longer :)
Azizmj Premium
Good luck
AlenkaV Premium
Congrats on your hard work and achieved tasks!
Azizmj Premium
Thanks for the motivation you too