My 3rd month here in WA, What did I have accomplished?

Last Update: April 03, 2019

Hello WA Community,

This is my 3rd blog here, Just a quick review about my progress here and results

I have been here at WA for more than 3 months now, there were ups and downs a lot during my journey in WA training.

Anyway, It was a great experience to know about what online business is all about since I was totally blurred, it really opened my eyes to how large and unlimited online businesses are.

Creating a good quality content was a bit tough for me since my ENGLISH language and writing skills not that perfect because ENGLISH is not my native language it's my 3rd and sometimes it takes me days to do research in order to offer an informative and helpful article. However, joining WA was a great chance to improve my weak skills, I learning every day new things and exploring new ideas.

Currently, I'm at the end of level 4 in training and I'm willing to finish the whole training by this month.

Hurray, one more level to go then I'll be in the Bootcamp training where the chance to promote WA, I can't wait for that

Thanks to WA training and special thanks to all of you here who are always there to give me a hand whenever I need.



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JaneMahlehle Premium
Wow! Good job. All the best for the future
AlexEvans Premium
Hi Abdulaziz looks like you are making good progress and doing well even though English is not your first language, just keep chipping away and best wishes for the coming three months.
SnazzyIT Premium
Awesome and well done for your progress so far :)