It seems that drop shipping would be the perfect way for me to start!

Last Update: January 31, 2017

While ago, a friend of mine suggested that we build an online store within a niche that is less competitive in our country.
He found that i'm interested, so we took the idea seriously.

The first thing we did was a little market research. We waved around looking for different niches until we stumbeled upon one unexpected surprise. Within the fitness niche, there were only two sites (talking abt my country ofc)!!

We thought since that was a very successful niche with lots of products to promote, that it is a lifetime opportunity.

We norrowed it down. Now it became only about Proteins and energy drinks.

With that step out of the way, we started thinking about rearching affiliate programs that be useful for us. While surfing around the wed, this "drop shipping" word kept showing up, so we thought let's check it out!

Products prices were great and suppliers were everywhere. Our next step is to order some products for experience purposes. We'll see how much they're gonna take on their way here plus testing their quality.

That's pretty much it for now.

P.S: I'm a member within the Bootcamp, and after being there for a while, my attitube towards online business changed in a way i never expected. I'm more opened to business ideas now, and my thinking became more stuctured and organized when i comes to business opportunities. I have two websites now (which is cool!), one promoting our Eldorado WA, and the one i just talked about.

P.S.S: Any ideas that might help, or even not :p are very welcomed to comment :))



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christianWA Premium
Have you investigated a branded amazon store for your protein and energy drink niche? Do some research on that. It may not be available in your country, but it's worth a look.