What are they looking for when shopping online for presents? Is this worth it?

Last Update: February 02, 2018

About 3 weeks in with a new idea, and a fair few avenues for content, great concept etc, and now really concerned that this isn't going to be a really profitable niche, - ethical gifts. Leaving aside the ethical side of it, mostly people just want 'stuff', so apart from those who would deliberately search for ethical gifts, I'd like to get a large slice of the market for people who just want to buy gifts, for birthday, Christmas, weddings, moving home, thank you gifts etc.

Been searching keywords related to finding the perfect gift and I'm not having a lot of luck with what's coming up. Also trying to study existing gift sites to see what they are doing. But it seems to me that people aren't going looking for 'gifts/presents' online...

So *what are* they looking for? Because people buy gifts online, right? So what is in their head when they are looking? Need to figure this out and quickly, because I don't want to get stuck doing something that isn't going to provide a return of at least £500-600 per month.

Uggh! C'mon Heather!

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JeannineC Premium
Have you been searching for the keywords that could substitute for "ethical"? I'm not sure that's the phrase people may use. Shopping for a purpose, shopping for a cause, renewable gifts, green gifts, etc. These keywords will be a bit harder to find, but I do believe there's a market there. Once you find the keywords, you will need to find the correct products for each as well for things like weddings, babies, graduation, etc. I think you might like www.organicbouquet.com and www.coyuchi.com.
Avecita Premium
Thanks Jeannine! I hadn't thought of substituting 'ethical' actually. I'm going to give that a try with your suggestions and also check out those links you've provided. :)
MitchC1 Premium
Just the niche 'gifts' might be a little broad and hard to become product focused. Bridal gifts, house warming gifts, any type of a more focused gift niche might help you. Just a thought. I believe yo're on the right track for a great niche. Just might want to narrow it down a bit. Good luck!
Avecita Premium
Hey, that's certainly an idea. It's given me a potential avenue for building sites to sell too :) Thanks!
I see what you mean, I was just hoping to offer a gift or two for every occasion, as the only gifts I want to feature meet a strict set of criteria already, narrowing them down a fair bit, and so far I've done well to find a fair few product categories due to this tough criteria.) I'm going to look into what you said. The answer might be there.
Just bugs me what gifts . com and geekwrapped are doing, they sell everything imaginable and seem to be doing well.