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Hi All, I know not everyone is a fan of the word 'blog' or 'blog roll', though in terms of site navigation and usability it's a word we recognise and actively look for on a site's menu if we know we wish to read posts. For me on the whole however, it has connotations of personal blogs, - (like this one), or connotations of actual personal blogs on the web, rather than professional websites and brands, even though brands have them and most still refer to their posts section as the 'blog'. I feel
'BAD REQUEST', - this is getting too much now as I can't even get on with setting up my new site! On the WordPress dashboard on a brand new site, you get the option to ''set up your home page'', along with other things such as ''write your first blog post'' etc. I am trying to o this route for the home page, as last time I did something different I somehow ended up with two home pages. But for the last week I have tried to use these links, and nearly all of them come up with 'bad request'!! I h
Uggh!! So I've had posts published since at least 2 weeks ago (the first one), and they are still not indexed. Yet despite the fact that I ticked the SEO boxes for no index and no follow, Google has decided that of all the content it should ignore everything that is to be indexed and just index the one page it has specific instructions not to!Yeah thanks Google! You'll be able to kid yourself that I'm not creating original content now and punish me. Cool trick. Whhhhyyy???
About 3 weeks in with a new idea, and a fair few avenues for content, great concept etc, and now really concerned that this isn't going to be a really profitable niche, - ethical gifts. Leaving aside the ethical side of it, mostly people just want 'stuff', so apart from those who would deliberately search for ethical gifts, I'd like to get a large slice of the market for people who just want to buy gifts, for birthday, Christmas, weddings, moving home, thank you gifts etc. Been searching keywor
January 20, 2018
Hi All, this might seem like a strange question, but ethics are really important to me:I am wanting to only promote products from some very specific kinds of businesses, because of their ethos. In some cases I want to promote businesses that have a greater social mission, where their actual business model is based on it, some are traditional businesses who are just really vocal about how much they care about things, (and I love them so I want to support them) and others I think, are social ente
August 14, 2017
Hi everyone, I was just looking reviews regarding Alex Becker's Market Hero responder, (to see if I can make another income stream and possibly quicker) and within minutes I've come across 4 of your WA promotion sites! I won't say which ones they were. Haha, I love it when I come across our own!And also... I trust you guys.Anyways, you're obviously doing it right as up you came in the search results. And you all offered very good reviews, you say pretty much the same thing about the product, an
I'm currently spinning my wheels. But I know at least partly what I'm doing wrong here, - there is a saying I have come across a good few times across a range of platforms while learning about building an online business, and that is ''market to everyone, market to no-one''.I have known since the beginning that I don't have my avatar, my ideal customer, clearly defined. My niche is accessible to everyone, and I want to offer help, support, and of course products, to everyone, and redirect them
Hey guys, maybe you've seen this before, but I haven't and I thought it was pretty cool, so I'll share it with you.My sister has come back from holidaying in Germany and she brought some German chocolates for my Mom. On the box it said something about ''mit CD''. (With CD). I only spied the box briefly, (the choccies weren't for me, lol) and I assumed that 'CD' was probably an acronym for something in German, but related to the chocolate, or an ingredient.When my Mom opened the box tonight, th
Hi everyone, as some of you may have realised, I have been a member of WA since 2013, that's almost 4 years, and I should have a highly successful business by now. (Quick back story: when I first began I was also working on my dissertation for uni, which I was spending around 20 hrs per day on, after having lost my job, and I only just got it finished in time. Got a fisrt-class degree I'm pleased to say. Then I gained a job which I needed to pay the bills and was working on my site in the even
Hi everyone,so my website is in Spanish at the moment, and I always planned to have an English-language subdomain, which I'm keen to set up asap. My English audience will be bigger than my Spanish one, so now I'm wondering whether to swap the content I have on my site onto the subdomain, once it's set up, and write my top-level domain in English? I don't know if this would affect my rankings?Or to just set up the subdomain and have that in English? It will still be easy for English-speakers to f
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