Last Update: August 15, 2018

Bringing dreams to fruition is a beautiful thing.
Imagining an ideal scenario and it plays out BETTER than expected.
This is what life is about, having dreams and turning them into reality.

Have you have consciously co-created a moment in your life and just knew: life does not happen by accident but by choice & decision.

They say you can predict the future and I believe that is true, how can you predict something that is currently unfolding at a rapid rate?

Let's not predict the future, but create it.

I currently am in the process of moving out into a studio in Rancho Santa Fe. It 'hasn't happened yet' but, I can feel it as if I'm living there now; Look At This!

It's goregous, it's temporary, just a spot to create for no more than a year but I mean, I'm living here even though it has not physically happened yet.

This is the biggest key to manifesting. Live it right now, act as if. Because it is happening.
Right Now. and it's our job to tune-in to the reality we want.

I can see it, touch it, taste it and smell it, the sun beating down on my face on the patio every morning, living with tons of space to create and be productive. In this moment, this means everything to me.

Bringing dreams into reality is the most invigorating topic becuase it means you can have, do and be anything you set your mind, body & soul to.

Whatever it is, you can have it, and not can have it, but you deserve it!

In less than a month I will be posting updates should be fun!

I wish i could post here more than once a day, everyday!

Anyway, take care of yourself and your dreams, know that you not only can you live your dreams, but you DESERVE to!


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KristyVinson Premium
MKearns Premium
Great imagry
AuLicious Premium
JocelynMarc1 Premium
Lucky you and don't stop dreaming. I am a big dreamer too and someday, someway it will soon come.
AuLicious Premium
To be honest. I do have an unfair advantage, I'm a Pisces ♓, known for day-dreaming too much and not "living in reality" enough.

I can assure you, your dreams will not "soon come" but instead are already here and now.

Even if there is no physical evidence of their coming fruition, know your dreams are being manifested.

We rarely question the invisible air we breathe everyday, can not see it , yet, believe the next breath will be there without any hesitation.

That is the confidence of belief that's needed to effortlessly manifesting the "invisible" to "visible" the "intangible" into "tangible"

Thanks for dropping by fellow deep-dreamer, your abundant reality awaits ;)