Anyone else Goof With The Wordpress Demo Feature?

Last Update: August 27, 2019

I have been with WA over a year. In the training, I learned how to pick a theme for my new site. When I would start customizing the site, it looked nothing like the theme I picked. Did Anyone else have the same experience? Hmmmm...I always chalked it up to me not having access to certain features because I had not purchased the Pro Version. For example, if the theme I picked had a banner prior to me installing the theme, then after I installed the theme, the banner would not be there and would need to drop and drag widgets to create a banner placeholder.

Well something funny happened with the current site I am building. A note was listed in the comments at the top of the Dashboard. That note read "Install Demo". I have seen this note before when building other sites. I thought that if clicked it, a demo (dummy) site would be installed on my site and Lord knows I would not have had a clue about uninstalling this demo!

Yesterday I took a chance and installed the Demo which came with the theme I had installed. WOW! To my surprise, the Demo looked like the exact theme I chose and get this - I could customize this demo! I was so excited. Today I played with the site and changed out some words, titles, pictures, and banners because the site layout is already there - no more creating the side menu and adding widgets. The site is going to be some much easier to build.

Maybe the WA training covers how to use this demo feature. If so, I do not remember reading it. Anyway, I am a happy camper now. If you have any experiece with Wordpress demos, can you offer any tips?

Thanks! and Good Night!

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Talk2Ray Premium
I have to admit that is a new one on me Anilise. I will check it out though. Thanks for sharing.
Atta83gurl Premium
You are so welcome!
JKulk1 Premium
WOW.. I think I'll go and check my site. Jim
Atta83gurl Premium
Keep me posted!