Made a New Page - taking a different path

Last Update: April 15, 2019

So, I made a new page on my site. It's called "Start a Real Amazon Business." It is an invitation of sorts, a way to funnel prospective partners. I started a messenger group and have several people who are expressing interest to the point of actually working on the thing.

I'm grateful to have come to the place in my life where I have decided to do something. That means everything. When you decide on ONE thing, everything else is told to shove. And then your actions can create opportunities which can then get you to where you are going in the race toward fulfillment.

Have peace!

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DeniseAS Premium
Hi I don't think you are allowed to put your link here, it is considered spamming, which is a very serious offense here at WA. I would look at changing this before you are reported for spamming.