Back at it: Week 6 Update

Last Update: September 09, 2017

This week has been so much better than last week. I have had good progress with the blog and have been making it through the level 4 certification course. I have been focusing on facebook, pinterest, and a little bit on twitter.

I have been enjoying Facebook much more than I thought that I would. I am using my alias and pretty much started with zero friends. It has been so much fun talking to the different people in groups. I can definitely see how people end up wasting their time on facebook.

Pinterest was a little bit more difficult. I actually adore pinterest- it is the only social network that I use in real life. It is brilliant at suggesting pins that you are actually interested in. I did not foresee that I would have so many issues uploading my images. Yesterday, I spent about 2 hours putting all my blogs on my board and then when I saw them I realized that they were just random pictures so this morning I spent about 2 more hours editing my pictures so that they were a little more appealing.

It definitely forced me out of my comfort zone- editing pictures was something that I really needed to start doing. Now I can't stop looking at them. I guess that I feel a sense of pride (or maybe I'm just narcissistic).

It was strange looking at the articles that I made a month ago and comparing them to what I have now. My writing has definitely improved. I think that the best thing to do for my writing right now is to keep practicing and developing a basic style before doing exercises on it.

Going through pinterest also helped me gain new insights into my niche and how I can market my products.

Overall, this week has been pretty good for me as far as affiliate marketing goes.

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MKearns Premium
Great to use SM to get out of your comfort zone Ayana!
asmithxu Premium
Thanks, Michael!
PatrickM1 Premium
Great update! Sounds like it's been a very good week.

I struggle with social media, as I don't have much time to spend on it.

Like you I enjoy Pinterest as well, and think it is better than the other social channels. Maybe it the visual learner in me.

Thanks for sharing.
asmithxu Premium
Yes, it is quite time consuming. I think that I will have to pick 2 or 3 and run with those because of time. Right now the winners seem to be facebook and pinterest, but we'll see how things progress.