Anticipation, Rejection, and Affiliate links: Week 3 Update

Last Update: August 19, 2017

This week I started to get into course 3: Making Money. I was very excited about putting affiliate links into my content and using ads. One thing that I didn't expect was the natural delay in the process. I am an affiliate now through share a sale, and amazon. Amazon has been the easiest for me to use by far. I have applied to a couple of programs through cj, but got rejected by both. I think that it may be because my site is so new.

Yesterday, I wrote my first review. Right now, I am going to write about products that I am extremely familiar with even if they do not earn as high of a commission.

I haven't gotten to the point that I actually know how to track my traffic (that is in a couple of lessons). I am extremely curious about whether my site getting any traffic and want to know how many of my pages are ranked on google.

Today I got a random comment on my site. It may have been from a robot. I consider it a sign of luck :P

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abdul11 Premium
good for you
PatrickM1 Premium
Nice update. Thanks for sharing. Bot's can be good luck.
RHBarlow Premium
That is progress and sounds great. Good start!
asmithxu Premium
Thanks, Bob!