Can You Turn Your Passion Into a Profitable Business?

Last Update: Aug 14, 2017


What if I told you that you could have a profitable business from doing something that you're passionate about? As you take a moment to let this sink in, are you asking yourself "what am I really passionate about" Well you my friend are not alone, because what I've come to understand, is that most people feel this way.

About 10 years ago, my friend and I were just beginning to take an interest in online marketing. We knew this was the place to be but we couldn't quite put our finger on what our true passions were, so we took off on our own self discovery journeys, hoping to find what we were looking for along the way.

Interestingly enough, although in different ways, we both began taking courses, learning new online marketing skills and hiring coaches to help us become who we are today. Without knowing what the other was doing, she become known as a "collaborator" or "connector" within her own circle and I did the same in my circle, which I find very interesting.

Just recently we decided to re-visit our old dreams to see if we had found our "passion" and if we had, how could we turn it into a profitable business for each of us. After a few hours of talking, we were shocked to learn that our passions were one and the same!

Now today, instead of building separate business's, we decided to pool our resources and have turned our passion into a profitable business.

Recent Comments


great wish you all the success. Doing it together is much more fun.

Yes passion for what you love with some training and faith things will always happy greatly for us.

Yes with training this is most possible Darlene

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