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Last Update: September 02, 2018

Ohhhh my God, i already feel successful even if i died today, honestly am super exited and greatful to the entire Wealthy affiliates management for their relentless patience and efforts to make me and those who are like me to create their first website ever. I will forever preach the gospel of wealthy affiliates. Well i know this is not the platform to go emotional but once in a while you will let me be. i feel i have become a record breaker, trail blazer and at the same time a history maker, i know some of you are getting disgusted by this "village excitement" thats what we call it where i come from most especially if you have seen something for the first time ever and worst of it of all you cant hide your exitement.

Now this is my story, i am the second born of five children and my dad is an anglican priest whereas my mum is full time housewife with very little education. Coming from a family with no stable income, i know what it means to sleeping and staying hungry, walking long distances without shoes to school and as if that is not enough the corporal punishment at school for coming late, being chased for school fees, no lunch' to mention but a few. Slowly by slowly you see yourself out of school forgetting all the horrors but also the future waiting for you with its uncertainities.

Recently in May i finalised with a bachelor's degree in arts with education and waiting upon graduation come January 2019. I dislike becoming a classroom staffroom teacher in my country because teachers are poor due to delay in the payment of their salaries yet they do alot of work with little pay, the profession is underlooked thus leading to their lack of motivation love for their profession. Someone may ask that then why did you choose to do that course, well thats a long story on its own that needs something like two blog posts of its own. anyhow i never wanted to be associated with that to kind of life.

I am going to make 26 years of age this coming october on 17th, so prepare birthday gifts for me but if i dont thank you dont get offended because as i was growing up no one gave me anything so i dont know how to say thank you, hahahahaha just kidding but the irony is that i have never celebrated it, i know that will raise many questions but nevertheless lets flip to the next page. Upto this age i have been wrestling with questions of calling, i feel educated but not skilled which is growing alot of pains. I am currently not teaching because of its deficiences as ealier noted. I have been searching for a job that would give me fulfillment and satisfaction but all in vain. For all the jobs close to what i desire and have tried to apply for, they all need skyrocket skills that i cant meet, this has brought alot of frustration and depression along with anxiety, a sence of crushed dreams ohhhhh alot that i cant comprehend. However i am now doing a small job with little salary but fortunately sparing me sometime to write a blog like tis one.

I can go on and on, but for now on my background let me put a comma. As i was on line trying to figure out what i can learn to hone my skillsets and may be teach myself digital entrepreneurship, i met alot of scams with promises to make quick money, designing a life you want through a laptop lifestyle, retire early as you know from my story if you been following it is my desire, i landed on Wealthy affiliates where am right now writing all this and post it all for free. With all this incomparable support, love in the air, lessons, provision for a free website, join with me to say long live with many years WA.

In a nutshell, i will do what it takes to remain in this constructive community like one uknown author put it that "you are what you expose yourself to." For I am anticipating a life of freedom and flexibility right here. I want to become like all of you, you are my role models and you inspire me.

I cant believe my website is in the clouds now... the first one in all my family lineage hahahahah greater things are yet to come just watch the space.

Thanks so much



Allan Ashabahebwa.

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50006000 Premium
Congratulations Allan!

Just when I thought , I was excited you tough me how to do it...You deserve It, Keep up the good work. It pay's off :))

To Our Success!
Vickic3 Premium
WA sure is the best- keep on moving forward