Internet has opened up new earning oppurtunities for a lot of local merchants

Last Update: March 23, 2014

The internet is sprawling with buyers and sellers alike. This provides an ample opportunity for local businessmen to reach bigger markets, across borders, continents restricted by the sea and buyers who didn't exist before.

Jeff Bezos, the founder of amazon did the same when he moved across cross country to sell books on the internet. He has become a billionaire by now. So, I believe using the internet to earn money provides ample opportunity. Just let your hard work drive you to success.

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Trialynn Premium
Maybe, at least here in America, we should start thinking about the needs and wants of other countries!
Arka Premium
Every country is busy looking after their own interests and I guess there is nothing wrong in it. Thanks for commenting.
KatieMac Premium
You are quite right there are opportunities all around on the internet we just need to keep focused and explore the possibilities then action thanks for sharing
Arka Premium
Yeah, and I am sure there are a lot of corners on the internet that are not exploited and which have ample opportunities.