How good is the Editor?

Last Update: February 25, 2016

You know, I have been with WA for about 3 weeks now (1 week absent) and I have now watched this Editor video.

I must say prior to this video I was OK at using the Editor. The editor itself seems very nifty. There are quite a fair bit of functions that can be done on it, and I'm quite excited at the prospect of being able to make a funky looking website but of the quality in terms of the look and content to generate substantial traffic in order to gain some profit from my little website making venture.

One thing I am very eager to find out in doing is how to change the home page picture. If you know what I mean. I am not at that stage, although I wish I was.

My home page has large scrolling pictures, but currently it contains default pictures that are completely irrelevant to the subject. I am sure the editor has the capability to change the homepage scrolling pictures. Or am I wrong? Not sure how much further I need to go in the training to find out.

One thing I can definitely look forward at doing however is adding links. Something that I have wondered how to do many times. good is it? so far so good.

Well...those are my thoughts about the editor so far. I have seen some people's website and have hope that mine can be as good.

Hmmmm, one thought, I wonder if you can add youtube videos on your website. Surely you wont get sued or anything for using any videos from youtube that is not originally yours?

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Andrew-74 Premium
Hello! The editor used to create the websites at Wealthy Affiliate is called WordPress and its very good. It depends on the theme that you have chosen but normally to change your default images on the home page you would go into your website theme options and simply replace the images. And yes, you can have YouTube video's too, I have used video's in several of my posts.

Best of luck with your build, looking forward to seeing your creation.


ArifAhmed Premium
thank you for your comments. i will give it a shot now.
Andrew-74 Premium
Great, just follow the tutorials and have a play around.