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I'm sure that's an everyday phenomenon for a lot of you, but for me, it's a big milestone and I feel very giddy so I decided to share it with you.Yesterday, I got my first request for guest posts on my site. I'm not accepting guest posts at the moment, so I had to turn it down, but of course, I was very polite about it and I asked the guy to send me his site anyway. Maybe, I'll find something useful and I'll link to it from one of my posts.Before finishing this post, I want to say a big thank y
July 04, 2019
I read a book today: The Go-Giver and I loved it enough to make a blog post for it. Here is a quick overview of it by one of the authors. totally recommend you to read it. It's show you how helping others can make you really successful. Have a nice day!
Another month is over and, thankfully, this time I didn't have to rush to be on time. I'm usually all about the statistics to prove to myself that I made it, so I need to write down what happened this month in numbers. I want be able to look back and see what I've done and hopefully, I'll inspire some people along the way, showing them that anything is possible. :) # Articles Published: 25# Words Written: 33514# Videos Created: 9First Training Published!Personal Word Record Broken: First 3724-w
Before you decide that you found a good keyword, check out the competition. Just because a keyword has low competition, that doesn't mean the competition is weak. If the first page is full of old sites and e-commerse sites, then it'll be difficult to outrank them. On the other hand, if it's full of blogs with old posts and not a lot of content, then you've got an awesome keyword.Don't forget that it's Quality over Quantity every time!
I was searching for emotional words that convert well and I remembered a training Jay made a while ago. It took me a little time to find it, but it's still worth it.Check it out: The Ultimate List of Words that Convert
Ok, we're 4 weeks in Month 2 of SAC and right now, I'm a little behind the schedule I've set for myself, so I decided to see what I've done these 4 weeks - I could have sworn they were fewer - to get a little motivated.Believe me or not, I was surprised with what I found out! # Articles Published: 15# Words Written: 22978 (Yep, I counted!)# Videos Created: 7First Training Published!Personal Word Record Broken: First 3724-word article!I tend to set ridiculous goals for myself and feel bad when I
June 12, 2019
So today was one of these days that no matter how much you want, you just can't work. (And I'm talking in past tense, because the day is almost over here.😉)After trying to work for 3 hours and failing, I decided to take a break. I do it once or twice a month for recharging and it works like a charm!I went for a walk, ate in my favourite place, bought a new book (yay!) and read some of it. It's waiting for me to finish so that I keep reading it. Also, I made a new revised plan for the ne
We keep trying to do better and better all the time and sometimes, we forget to celebrate the small wins, we forget to reward ourselves for the goals we achieved.You may think you still have a long way to go, but just take a moment and think how much you've accomplished already. In your career and in your life. There are people who haven't accomplished not even 1% of what you've done.So don't underestimate yourself and celebrate every little win, every milestone you reach.
June 08, 2019
When you go to checkout for online purchases, there's usually a box to fill out a Promo Code. You may not have one yet, but I've recently found out that it's not that hard to get one, for a lot of sites. Some of them will give you one if you subscribe. And there are some sites online that have promo codes for a variety of products.So before you pay for something, just google the product name and "promo codes" to see if you can save some money.And if it's a subscription product, go for the yearl
A day has 24 hours. I wish it had more, but unfortunately, it doesn't.And even more unfortunately, we have to sleep some of them. Waste of time, but what can you do? You have to survive.What's important is how well you use the hours you have available. So here are some of my productivity tips you can use to make the most of them:1. Plan BeforehandPlanning is awesome - when it's done well. So create a plan that you can and you will stick to it. Use to-do lists with small steps that you can tick