First month.

Last Update: Nov 5, 2015


Another week and another airport !

All I look forward to every few days are my time here discovering away. Time is something that i do not get enough off these days. Every country, every lounge, every hotel ... gotta go thru the rudiments of hooking up to the internet. By the its up ... time lost. Get to the hotel n got so tired with all these meetings and drinking ... its great to socialise but I gotta get my WA up and runnin ... God help me.

End of this month is thanksgiving and black friday ... look forward to that ... hope to get some deals done. By December engine will be on full steam ... hopefully ... on WA.

Great to be here and looking to soak up all these great lessons. Find it hard to spread this gospel when i have not yet even finish scratching the surface. But its great to get negative inputs from lotsa nay sayers. Cant wait to let them know when i start rollin.

This community is awesome and keeps pumping hope and inspirations. Glad to be here and glad to be able to stay on.

I pray for all those amongst us going thru the same experience as i an going thru now. Perservere and we shall prevail.

Hope Kai is doing better ... have not heard from Carson for a while and its past Haloween. God bless the little dude and his family.

All the best to us all.


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Thx Ed ... Getting back this week and off on another mission next week ... I'm wheezing here ... This time to China ... One day one town trip ... Thought it was gonna be slower ... Pace keeps pickin up!

Good luck!

Thanks everyone for your comments. Onwards and forward ... Apeng.

Glad you're enjoying your time here.

Glad all going smoothly =^-^=

I am very positive that everyone who always read and participate in the discussion here will be successful.

glad that your doing well and sharing your thoughts too

Glad you are doing well!

Great words thank for sharing it

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