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Best case scenario when picking your new computer?

Best case scenario when picking your new computer?

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Hello fellow WA! My first time on chat. I’ve accessed some unexpected funds. I’m starting me venture with my IPad. I think I’ll find it less productive. <

There was a time when Mac reigned supreme, that is no longer the case and has not been since the death of their founder Steve Jobs. He put out gear when it was done right, the new people in the Apple hierarchy launch on timelines whether ready or not.

There are still die hards who will place their hand on bibles and sear Mac is still far superior, don't be suckered in.

You should buy the best gear you can afford because it will be outdated before you get out the door with it But, you do not need a super powered PC to blog with f that is all you intend to do.

Thanks for the input. Much appreciated. Your first sentence, 3rd paragraph. Did you mean to say I should buy…… Or did you mean I shouldn’t buy……
Also, if you believe I should steer away from the Mac environment, where should I go? What do you have, and why do you like it? Also, if I intend to monetize my blog and include merchandise relevant to the posted content, would you still go another direction, and what direction would that be? You’ve intrigued me, but have not given me the definitive answer. I appreciate your candor.
Do you want to be called LiveOnLeyte, or would you share your first name? Regards, Annie

My real name is Bill

I have a mini PC, its all one really needs to blog. It has a 4 core Intel CPU, 8 GB ram, Both a 256 GB SSD and a 1 TB HDD. Nothing really special but I don't game or do heavy graphical work I would need extra power for. I love the thing because it takes up a 6X6 inch square amount of desk space.

I have also a Mac. I have had it for about 5 years and it never impressed me as being anything superior to a PC.

Go to a store and try the display model or whatever, buy what you want, what you feel can get the job done. My main point was don't be persuaded to buy a Mac based off their history alone; if you do you throw away money based perceived quality that really is not there anymore. The Mac hardware superiority ended with Steve Jobs death. Now they push stuff out the door as fast as they can just like everyone else.

I can tell you the latest Mac operating system, Big Sur, was garbage when first released, I ran it on my Mac for about three months before I down graded back to High Sierra.

Mac people will also say their operating system is virus proof. It is not nor was it ever. For many years the Mac community was so small the virus writers ignored it, over the last ten years things have changed. Truth is if you stay away from questionable sites you have a very small chance of picking up a virus. Almost zero if you keep anti virus running and that which comes with windows is good enough.

I run an operating system called Linux on my PC that is virtually virus free because the amount of people running it are not worth the effort for the hackers to spend time on, just like Mac once was.

Hi, Bill

How kind of you to share so much information about your PC. I guess because I’m not sure how things will be laid out eventually on my website, I’m reluctant to do too little. But, I’m thinking about the affiliate activity, and if I want to have a high end visual looking site, with photos that will entice folks to purchase product that I write about on my blog, perhaps I need more technology?

Then, I’ve been working in a MAC environment on several generations of iPads, but I have already realized the limitations of my iPad. So, you see why I’m uncertain?

Thanks, Bill. I really appreciate your sharing a different perspective, one that certainly speaks to the economical side of this venture.

I wish you the best in your journey. I’ll let you know what I end up doing.

Best, Annie

Hi Annie

Macs are still solid machines for the most part but, they carry a price tag above their worth to me. That said; if staying within the Mac world is comfortable and will allow you to hit the ground running it might be a better choice for you.

It is hard to answer the question "What is best? because the answer is subject to way too many variables. What is best for me may be the worst choice for the next person.

All the Best,


That's totally up to you and your budget.

I tend to go to the latest and fastest however that means high end and costing much.

You may want a budget pc or mac.

The best thing to do is assess how much you are willing to spend and browse net and YouTube for what suits your budget.

Obviously you'd want something that's practical.

Hope this helps.

By the way, Macs are more expensive than Windows PC, however you get what you pay for.

Thanks, AbieAJ
I will be funded by a small trust. I may be approved for enough to get a Mac. Is that what you have? Since I have been using a Mac product (iPad, several) I’m familiar with that environment. Plus I function in Chrome.
Would I get a Mac Pro?
I appreciate you recommendation. And I would love to hear what Mac you use.
Best Annie

iMacs | Mac Book Pro's are brilliant machines, we have Mac Book Pro and also Windows high end gaming PC.

iPad may be good, however I don't find it practical. I prefer a Mac Book Pro or Air - Air tends to have lesser functionalities.

Personally I think and if you have the budget, I would opt-in Mac Book Pro, absolutely. You can't go wrong here.

However, I would also leave some to invest in my business going forward if you were needing to buy additional tools.

But WA provide us with adequate tools to run our businesses sufficiently.

For example, we have webpage builders to design different types of websites, caching and backing up software, etc.

Final cut pro for professional video editing.

Hope that's explanatory enough.

This was very helpful, Abie! I’m going to see if I can get the Mac Pro approved. It’s great to know about your business and services you provide. I’m going to be better with content, I believe, than development.

Regards, Abie, and hope I will be able to reach out to you for assistance.

Thank you so much.

You're very welcome.

Absolutely, feel free to reach out anytime.

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