Howling in Gratitude to Our Health Care Workers

Last Update: March 30, 2020

I live in a small California town just north of the San Francisco and the Golden Gate Bridge called Mill Valley. Besides having some tremendous Redwood trees here, we have plenty of coyotes that love "singing" in the evening!

Their sounds fill our canyons and neighborhoods. In much the same way, we now come together as a community and express our gratitude to all health care workers with a five minute city wide "howl". It represents solidarity as is a fun way to give thanks to the health care workers. It also brings joy and love to all who participate.

Howling in Mill Valley

It was an idea posted on our local NextDoor website that caught on quickly and something that I have been a part of each night at 8pm. The howls echo all around us and it's wonderful to be a part of something that makes Mill Valley a special place to live.

Video Story on our local KTVU TV

I've seen videos of singing from the balconeys in Italy (video), clapping in Paris (video link) and other organic movements that express our support for those on the front lines fighting the Coronavirus every single day.

On a few nights, I've played some music either before the howling, or after, or sometimes on both sides of the howling. Dancing in the dark is good exercise! Our neighbors all practice important social distancing and the energy created is simply the best!

My personal howling video 3/26/2020

With news that we are to shelter in place until May 1, 2020, there will be plenty of time to howl and let our health care workers we appreciate all of them!

Please stay safe. Please stay home! And don't forget to howl!

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laparra1 Premium
Good afternoon Anne,

Whatever I do nobody can see as I live on a small farm. My closest neighbor is 250 meters away. In Spain, people have been making music on their balconies and also clapping and singing.
We are on alert till the 11th of April but perhaps it will be extended.
Only 1 person allowed in a car so Michael does the shopping and I have done a big house cleaning.
Stay safe and healthy.

Greetings from the south of Spain,

annezarra Premium
You are certainly with everyone in spirit no doubt! At least you have a wonderful location to stay safe and healthy! Best to you and Michael.
Mick18 Premium
What a fun and wonderful way of showing your gratitude. 🐺 thanks for sharing.
Stay safe,
annezarra Premium
Thanks Mickey! It is fun to hear what others are contributing around us at night, and a big release! Thanks for the comment. ANNE Z
JamesDuck Premium
The medical community is fighting for our lives and they deserve the best we can give them for that purpose! Thank you for this great post!
annezarra Premium
Thank you and yes indeed they are fighting for OUR lives! I'll give an extra howl from you and WA tonight! Best, ANNE Z
anjumshahlla Premium
Yes, sure. I am also grateful for their hard-work.

Love and best wishes,
annezarra Premium
Thanks! Best wishes to you as well Shahlla.
megawinner Premium
Great job. Wonderful. Gratitude in action.
annezarra Premium
Thank you! It is really fun and I look forward to it each evening! ANNE Z
megawinner Premium
Awesome. You have a great place! 🤩😎💢🙌🌹💖💝