Value The Process.

Last Update: July 22, 2018

I wrote an article on about the value of the process. That is, acknowledging the valuable lessons attained through the challenges of building your own business or achieving any great goal, for that matter.

As frustratingly slow as it can be, I often have to remind myself that this is a process or a journey of self improvement that I'm traveling on. For instance, we all are growing in our understanding of the technical aspects of learning how to use keywords, improving our copywriting skills, content managment, etc. But there's also learning how to be persistent and consistent in our daily efforts, not to mention learn to be very, very patient.

Stay true to the course my friends. Keep a clear focus on your ultimate goal and believe you will achieve it.

So, in an effort to encourage all my fellow fledging entreprenuers out there, let me sum it up by saying, "Keep the faith!" my friends. If you'd like to read the article itself, The Perils of Sudden Wealth and please leave a comment. Thanks!

Oh and I know that the image is displayed twice but have no idea how to fix it. It happens on all of my blogs.

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DianeWehi Premium
Absolutely agree. I'm not only learning an online business but learning about myself more in the process.
Patience is not one of my strongest qualities but through this training and encouraging words from the WA community, I am improving :)
Thank you for your wise words.

Di :)
AnnDreams2 Premium
The whole process can be so frustratingly slow I struggle with too. Thanks for taking the time to comment. Really, appreciate it.
EandS2018 Premium
We are so grateful that this is a repeat !
Thank you for inspiring us !
May we all prosper !
Elaine $ Scarlett