Site Comments Anyone?

Last Update: November 11, 2018

So I've seen A lot of new people joining us lately!

FIRST OFF congradulations on taking that initial step to success! Just for that you're amazing and more powerful than you know!

Okay back on track... when you write new content or just simply want/need some comments and/or feedback there is a really awesome blog on WA that let's you recieve that.

It's just like every other blog on here where you just post a comment and post your link to your site or the page on your site asking for some comments and/or feedback, then someone will come along and help you out! If not, just try later, OR find others who have already posted asking for site comments. Typically if you leave a comment on there site they will give one back to you! One thing I do recommend tho is always returning the favor to those who do comment on your page. Another thing is always try and make it very useful for them. No one wants to see a "cool" comment and then thats it... kinda lame! Try and make it interactive! (just some words of advice)

How can site comments help you?

Site comments are important in the blog world, they show others the goods of your site and what others thoughts are, along with you being able to interact with them. It can also help you rank faster in google.

Here's the link to that blog!

Keep it up WA community! You're all rockin it

Best wishes,


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KayOSmith Premium
Thank you for sharing this. I have to confess, I did that once. I didn't notice I switched from site feedback to site comments and gave feedback on the site rather than commenting on the site. Whooboy! Big mistake. My comment was declined. Sure, I was frustrated, but it was my own fault. And I learned from my lesson and I paid attention then. Next time I was able to comment on that person's site, it was a real comment.
Thanks for sharing! :)
Annaeri26 Premium
That is amazing that you could accept fault and learn from it! Mistakes do indeed happen, no doubt about it! What makes us greater is accepting fault and learning from out mistakes.
So glad you're in this community with us!
You're very welcome, thanks so stopping by:)
derekbainbri Premium
Thank you so much for posting this! It is very frustrating when one asks for comments meaning "Real Comments and opinions/discussions" and we get criticized for the background color and font size instead! Really? It is supposed to about supporting each other's work and commenting on that work as a professional. If one doesn't know how to comment or react to a plea for comments as a professional, then they should read up on it and not do it until they're actually ready to do it properly. In fact, they could be hurting, rather than helping, otherwise... Thanks again, Anna!
Annaeri26 Premium
Yes I completely agree with you! I do believe it can indeed do more damage than good if the comments are very basic. Lately I’ve seen a lot of really awesome comments on mine along with others sites, so hopefully more people are starting to get the hang of it more!
You are so welcome!
Wdcope Premium
Very well stated. I have been doing a lot more lately, yet without my site done I do not need reciprocal statements.
Annaeri26 Premium
Thank you.
Well whenever you feel like you're ready that will always be available for you!
Best of luck with your site!