Thinking Of You All.

Last Update: December 17, 2019

Hi All,

Wow, what a week it's been already. Pretty full on at work - even though it's just the begining of the week - some co-workers off sick, (not a nice time to be sick) but have to fill in to cover....busy busy.

Haven't even had time to jump on board my websites or even catch up with you guys - so here I am to say Hi "Merry Up - Coming Xmas'. I'm doing this now as I am so busy at my work.....

It's really crept up so fast hasn't it - the year is near at an end....

Makes me ponder on 'What I have achieved as far as Goal' settings go - admittedly I am behind in my Goals - but not going to get down about it. After all it is xmas..

It's about setting new Goals for the up coming Year 2020.

I believe in my heart this is going to be a good year for all of us - not just finacially but life living.

Let us all take some time to really think about what we want to achieve and where we want to be in 2020.

There is something about the number 2020 - it's an exciting set of numbers - hence an exciting year ahead.

May you all keep safe (driving wise) enjoy the time we are Blessed with our family members, some that actually travel far to be with us at this special time.

May we remember our loved ones that can't be with us...may we also embrace this time to be Giving to the less fortunate.

That's all I wanted to express - aside from sending you all Giant Huggs via our fantastic WA Community Network.

Blessings and Aroha to you all my dear WA fellow members.

All the Best.

Anita & Family here in New Zealand. xxxx

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ExpatMark Premium
Happy Holidays and I too am looking forward to a big 2020. Good luck and much success with all your online endeavors.
Simiao5 Premium
Keep your dreams going forward, thanks for your publish.
timstime20 Premium
2019 still has ......
2020 will be what we make it
Dream Dream Dream Big
Wishing all WA success
AnitaSmith60 Premium
Thank you kindly Tim.
HeidiAnders3 Premium
2020 will be amazing with that mindset, my friend!!🎉🌟🥳💕
AnitaSmith60 Premium
Absolutely.....All the best.
Joy3 Premium
Best wishes