Do you listen to Podcasts?

Last Update: May 17, 2019

Do you listen to any good podcasts? I am always looking for something new to listen to. I work midnights and listen to them for hours at work. There are all kinds of shows I listen to, motivational, educational, blogging, Disney, financial, comedy.

Some of my favorites include:

  • The Blogging Millionaire - I love this one, I love the training here at WA but I like to feel like I am accomplishing something while I am listening. The shows are not too long and have a lot of helpful quick tips.
  • Simple Pin Podcast - this one is all about pinterest.
  • Do it Scared - One of my favorites, it is a motivational podcast about facing your fears. She is a blogger as well.
  • Unlocking the Magic - Disney podcast, another favorite but I LOVE Disney, might not be for everyone.
  • Debt Free in 30 - a financial show about debt, money and personal finance, in Canada so some things they talk about are not relevant in the US but still a great listen.
  • A Teacher' History of the United States - I love this one, if you told me when I was younger I would love history I would have thought you were crazy.

Some other ones I am listening to but haven't' decided how I feel about them:

  • Armchair Expert with Dax Shepard - I really want to like this one because he has some good guests he talks with but he talks a lot about himself and interrupts his guests a lot, I am hoping that improves since he said listeners were complaining about it as well. So I will listen to a few more to see if it changes before I decide.
  • The Chalene Show - self-improvement show, I have only listened to a few, not sure how I feel about this one yet.
  • Build Your Tribe - Social Media and list building tips, just found this one, Chalene also does this one.
  • Conan O'Brien Needs a Friend - Seems like it could be good, I have only listen to one show so far and I liked it so I will give it a try for a few more shows.

Do you listen to any podcasts you love? I would love to find some new shows to listen to.

Have a great weekend!!


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    Hollshope Premium
    Jenna Kutcher hosts a good podcast for online marketers.
    AnitaLouise Premium
    Thanks, I will add that to my list to try.