zoubt. com - Is Boring!

Last Update: October 17, 2013

Hi everyone.

I'm a click away from calling time on Zoubt.com.

Did you ever get tired of the sound of your own thoughts? Well that's me at the moment lol. Maybe i have picked the wrong niche.

I'm all talked out and to make it worse, I'm still talking a fictitious Audience!

That's where at right now.

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georama Premium
I do not agree with you but appreciate suggestions of Paul n George. Why u are allergic to these suggestions. I see no reason for u to b desperate.
Angelsway Premium
As always you right, lol.
andrenetz Premium
Do not worry because even if you"re far away, they stell teach you the right place.
OldCodger Premium
G'day, Judy - lot's of good information on your site - I've commented on Honey - and the advice Paul has given would be to your benefit. Don't despair - we've all been there!
:) george
Paul Dean Premium
Sometimes the visual impact of a site can deflect visitors. Your theme has too little space for content and too much for menus. If you imagine the dead space on the right disappearing and your left hand panel increasing you'll see what I mean. You have no room to spread out and relax, and neither does the reader.

The other point is that I'm genuinely having trouble determining what it is your selling. Obviously you're an Amazon affiliate, but nothing I can see is linked to help for Crohn's other than the Vitabase banners, which go nowhere (404 error).

Don't ditch the site, which I'm sure can be built as one of the authority sites on Crohn's, but give serious consideration to the purpose of the site, the organisation of the site, how it's going to make money, and how it looks to visitors. All the content is there, it just needs a good tidy up.

I know this sounds heavy, and possibly discouraging, but don't see it that way; you are SO close to it being right.
Angelsway Premium
Thank you paul. Thats exactly whats wrong. I am going to list your points and address each and every one of them. Yes, it feels totally cluttered. The amazon ads look awful. There are stoma care + vitamins. Something went wrong in transit and when I clicked to check and I was faced with flippin phones and books. I'm going to remove them this evening. Thank you for your thoughts. Judy
Angelsway Premium
I have done some work on the site. Maybe you could give your opinion during the week please Paul. Thank you so much! Zoubt.com
Josh Perks Premium
What specifically is wrong?