Do We Really Need to BLOG Anything

Last Update: Jun 11, 2021

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I am astonished by how many posts/ articles/ whatever you want to call it that people are writing just to be highlighted by others.

Is that so? Should like this be the life?

I, honestly don't think so!

I never want to stand up although I should.

Because I'm, like everyone else, a marvellous superb creation of God/Universe. and I am honestly proud of what I saw every morning in the mirror!

Besides all, although this is not a negative platform, everyone starts to criticize and make selections of which is better writing or grammatically done right.

C'mon people! We all are in the same bowl! Although some of us believe are upright to others. but in which sense? because of their luck or getting some money appreciation or labels rank believes that wow, I can make this "mine".

You can't make anything yours, you are like everyone else and no one is above no one.!

We are all the same.

And is not about the experience, or age, or sex, or profession, or language nonono......we truly must look where we come from and why are we here! Isn't that? It is so hard to appreciate one another just a little bit even though some of us are not English native? is it?

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Hi AngeII70,

We are family here so I know you just voice out your opinion, what you see or feel but in the end of the day, misunderstang is very common ground in one huge family:)



👍 i am sorry if I state😔 a true

Ohhh don’t be, just like I said voicing out is also an opinion, need to hear out by other’s opinion, we all have our own opinions right, I hope you feel better now 😸


Kyle encourages people to blog about accomplishments. That is not to put anyone else down. One person's accomplishment doesn't mean anyone else can't do the same. SAome people are at different stages of success. Don't feel less than anyone.

Thank you Frank.

Well said Frank!

Hi Angel,

Guess what happened on my journey when I tried to avoid getting lost?

Yes, I did get lost and I found out my fear was not getting lost. It was how I would find my way home. The trip back home was the best thing I have ever done I don't even want to go back home, I am now always on my way home.

Do your thing, trying to avoid stuff usually floods you with what you are running from.

Regardless of what you want to run from, it always find you. Don't waste time avoiding things, Do you, you rule your own destiny. Who knows you might just enjoy your way back home as I do. Well, guess that one is mine and you can find yours.

Enjoy WA, I do it each time I blog or not blog.


Is a saying that home is where you r in the present moment, nd no matter how is it you have to enjoy it to being u more joy.
Love ur comment, TY

Love yours too, Angel. Have a great evening.


always a gent' ! have a peaceful and silent night!
Blessings to you&family;

Hi Darlene if I get your gist I do not feel this is the thrust here at WA. I am not certain if you are referring to a particular incident but generally the tendency is to lift up rather than to put down. To encourage rather than discourage. To give advice openly rather than hide it in a corner. There will always be instances which will cause a frown or eyebrow raise but from my vantage these are more on the fringe than the norm.

appreciate 😊 . Ps. I belive you misunderstood my name "Darlene "

Sorry about that Angell

Totally agree.

I see some random posts on the web (Facebook, news websites, etc.) where people are just commenting to vent out whatever frustrations they have in life, or giving free rein to their rage (I will probably say what I think about those persons in another post, but to be honest they are really not worth anyone's time).

Not here in WA. It is very common to post something, sometimes even something silly, and be praised, thanked, encouraged, cheered by a lot of people. There can be some not-so-good comments around, which is expected, but nothing bordering insults or anything like that. If they happen, they are rare enough for me not to notice them.

I am also in a Brasilian facebook group about soapmakers helping each other, and the atmosphere is very similar. It's a community that helps each other out, thanks, praises, and encourages. I believe many people, just like in here, are there just to have that bit of positivity in their lives and keep going with business in a difficult world.

I am extending myself, but I'd like to say that sometimes we read/hear other people's words and our brain, filled with insecurities and pre-made ideas, tend to "distort" their real meaning, or what the person is trying to say. It happens to me and I am aware of it. I tend to not react to what I believe to be criticisms, and replay the same words when I am calm, as most of the times people are just helping and in a good way :)


Well said Sofia

You have just made a racism comment. Without thinking which we all do. Yes God made us warts and and all. And just because you are not an English native. There really is no difference in the eyes of God no matter where you are from and that includes me. Do not put yourself down, because you are worth it!

HOW is this RACIST???

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