Age is Just a NUMBER!

Last Update: Jul 6, 2021

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I've written this yesterday on the plane while flying to my home country. It actually doesn't matter where is your home country but just where your family is. and there is your heart

Or not.

It is a saying that just once per year is your birthday. Or twice, depending on your religion & so on. For Instance, in some countries, they celebrate Mary mother of Jesus at the same time with St Mary, St Michael on the Michael & so on.

Today is happen to be mine. As I've mentioned in one of my articles, AGE IS JUST A NUMBER! I really don't care what everyone else said or think this is my opinion. Like a sign from above, I've managed to book the flight to the home country, today. Is this a coincidence?

Every time I want to book tickets to get back, it is either before my birthday or on my birthday. What sign and what is this significant for? I live my freedom and I am here to be my own boss.

Every success starts with small steps, learning from mistakes and never repeat them. Although we all are prone to make other more mistakes, we r not doing the same one all over again. Bullying, persecution, too many rules, too many boundaries will gonna make you disappear. Your soul wants to expand more and more. Nothing and no one will gonna stop your soul from expanding.

The ones who call themselves successful, in any area, and get in life quicker on top of others are always the ones who are looking on their own wellbeing, step on the others life, care no more for anyone else but just for their self-esteem. Is that fair? Shall we all do this? what do you believe? can call yourself a successful person if you can criticize, reproach and persecute indirectly all others around you? I am pretty sure that they do not ever think that out there it is a bl....karma and will get you 100000 times back your malevolent actions? Well, guess what. Every action has its own consequences!

I just want to share my thoughts and expand my love & appreciation with you!

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Hello, Im Lisa . Happy Birthday to you. I like you attitude and approach towards your environment, your circle. Im territorial as well.
Hope you enjoyed your trip.

Thank you so very much Lisa &ntmu;.

Happy birthday , long life and health , the wealth is right here at Wealthy Affiliate, so you will eventually receive your share , have a lovely one

I hope u too, thank you 😊 for the wishes

Excellent thoughts, Angel, and A very Happy Birthday to you! 🎂

Thank 😊you 😘Jeffrey I'm looking forward to everything life brings me 🤗

Isn't it great, Angel?

Yes and no my here bcs I've missed so bad my family bit also I have to solve lots of problems

I hope you get all that solved, Ariana!


Thank you much appreciated

You're very welcome, A! 😎👍👍

Happy that you were able to celebrate your birthday as you wanted. Enjoy your moment and disregard those that would wish to distract you from your most wonderful self. You know you are wonderful. Let that always shine through.


As we all are a piece of the creation, indeed!
Many Blessings&love; to you&family;

Blessings to you as well Angell

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