Wealthy Affiliate - My First Earnings Thanks to The Knowledge it Gave Me

Last Update: November 30, 2017

Hi everyone, my name is Anna and I have been a Wealthy Affiliate for 5 months.

I am currently balancing a full-time university studies, part-time job that I hate, family stuff and trying to build a website worth visiting!

The knowledge WA website offers is truly insane! And I LOVE being a part of this community!

To say I have worked my best since I started - would be a lie. I haven't.

I have been busy with all sorts of other life things, and my average amount of posts per month is 5. Not so great, huh?

What kind of excuse do I have to not work my best in building a blog I love and earning a full-time income from it? I don't think any excuse is a good one... Do you?

Anyway, today I wanted to share with you my first little victory! My FIRST COMMISSION !

I'm super excited about this!! I woke up this morning to check my Amazon Affiliate stats and saw that someone ordered a book I spoke about, and I earned 0.57$ !!

You might ask me what's the big deal? It's not even enough for a cup of coffee!! Well, let me tell you this: I have worked on my website up to 5 hours per week (which is absolutely nothing!), and by implementing everything I have learned here at Wealthy Affiliate I made my first commission just in 5 months by not doing much to be honest!

So now, this little commission proves that it is possible to earn income online!

What if I have worked 2 or 10 times harder? What would my income be now??

Too bad we won't know the answer to that! But I can tell you that I will be working harder now that I see some motivational results!

Why won't you ?

If you are tired of your job, and want a way out - here it is: WA. Learn, Do and Earn. Sky is your limit! Beat my income by 20 times and message me so I can be happy for you!!

Also, if you have any questions at all - comment down below or message me here! Or just come say "Hi" I would love to meet you :)

Love and motivation to you all!

- Anna the creator of YourArtPath.com

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skandy85 Premium Plus

Congratulations! Very proud of you! Keep up the good work!
anespresso Premium
Haha, thanks!
I made 2 more bucks in a past couple of days too, pretty happy about that ;)
skandy85 Premium Plus
The SNOOOWBAAALLL! keep writing! keep working! The snowball effect happens quickly... Have you checked out my WA case study recently? The profits are starting to roll in...
SantiDewi Premium
Congrats, Anna! I am sure you will get better income if you work harder. Well done. Good luck!
anespresso Premium
Thank you!
I will try my best ! <3
Impressive, you'll be making a steady income in no time.
anespresso Premium
Thank you!!
Good luck to you as well <3