My progress - - - so far

Last Update: March 14, 2020

My progress thus far

Hi Everyone

I am celebrating my progress. I'm nearly at the end of the second course of training. You guessed it - I just arrived at the point where I am told to write a blog post in WA. So since I am trying to follow every instruction to the letter - and not ducking out on any tasks - here it is.

I have in my eyes a decent looking website

.So far I have five posts, some with comments and some are ranked on Google and I created a Gravatar.

Here are a couple of things I'm struggling with:

The first is burning time unproductively. The cover image above could be a good example. Rather than writing more content, I just spent more than an hour tinkering around with a photo editing app making a composite picture of many of the visual elements from my posts.

OK so there is a silver lining here - anyone who doesn't want to trouble themselves reading any of my posts can just gaze absentmindedly at the collage picture for five seconds or so and by subliminal suggestion you should get the gist of much of my content.

(Seriously - anyone please tell me if this actually works - no worry - I won't test you)

I guess the second would be internalizing the content in the training. I've now started taking hand written notes and if there were any advice I would offer someone setting out it would be to take your own notes including jotting down where you can find important pieces of information on the WA site.

My Niche

Anyone else trying this approach to a niche? - I decided I wanted to write about financial advice and rather than trying to go up against professional sites run by financial companies I realized I couldn't find anyone offering bad investments advice.

After all as a budding personal investor for three decades or thereabouts dipping in and out of stock markets, investment funds and other much stranger financial instruments I have a long history of losing money in all sorts of clever ways so I am eminently well qualified to offer bad investments advice.

Also - and seriously here for a change - I noticed when I was trying to master something that
some of the best instructional books I've read were telling you how not to do something. Aka the 10 biggest mistakes in . . . etc

So that is where I am at and I'm having a good time too.

Stay healthy and stay safe everyone


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AndyN1 Premium
Hi Mel - and all success to you. Thanks
MelWaller Premium
Thanks for sharing Andy! I've seen some bad advice out there :-)

To Your Success!