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Last Update: June 14, 2015

My name is Andy and i live in the UK in the very North West of England.

I have some health issues that has meant i lost my job about 2 years ago. I now look after my disabled wife and i'm a full time internet marketer. I have lost more money over the past 5 years than i can say on failed business ventures and scams! I'm eager to learn new skills to further my online business and to help others achieve there dreams of a life without a boss!!

Having spent the last 5 years in the MLM side of internet marketing, and failed, I now feel it's time to take a look at affiliate marketing. My reasons for turning my back on MLM and all that side of marketing are many. Not just because I failed big time but I felt so uneasy about the many programs relying on people like me..... the under achievers, the none starters, the one's finding it hard to recruit and build a team.
The most famous one in my view, and NO i won't name it here but i don't think it will take much head scratching to name it, really did take the biscuit (as we say in the UK). At the time i left the program it had over 110,000 members and only 10,000 members earned good commissions from there over priced products. The whole business was carried along on hype built up by the owners and the top earners! And the 100,000 members who were earning very little or nothing went along with it paying there monthly subs like good little people getting no or very little help from the company or there up-lines. My up-line didn't give me the help and encouragement i needed! I asked them for help and they didn't give it to me because i was only on the first tear of the product line. It was clear that if i made the jump and upgraded then more help would have been given! The cost was about $5,000, i was not happy about the product and the cost was more than i could afford. It finished me. Not with marketing.... but with them!
I'm not saying for one minute that your up-line should do it all for you, NO just give you a helping hand, to show you the way and encourage you. I was on a webinar the other day and the marketer said "my normal hourly rate for my time is $197" What!! What planet are these people on?
I have every respect for the top people, the top earners in this industry. But surely giving those that need it a help along the road to some success!

My goal in on-line marketing is to earn enough money to make a difference in my life and to give others that need help my time to see them along the road to success. But to be able to achieve that aim of helping others i first need to learn how to give them that help!


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LisB247 Premium
Hi Andy, I also tried MLM and I know now, the hard way, not to touch it with a bargepole. (Also UK). At least you have found your way here where you can learn to earn a living for yourself and not for others.

I am sending you a Private message about your site. A little tweak that needs doing.

All the best.
andydroo Premium
Thanks Lis! ~Andy
SridharRay Premium
Welcome to this university. Here you will be able to learn, earn and contribute. You have the control over outcomes and the scale you can raise is supported by your competence and commitment only.You took right decision. Good luck Andy
htdad1 Premium
Continue to follow the training that WA provides and you will get there. I have been many programs myself and WA is one of the best