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Last Update: Aug 16, 2016


This may be a little obvious, but I'm rather new at all this, so I just figured it out.

Let's say you want to know how your website is ranking in Google searches, so you enter your search term in Google, and you see one of your G+ entries linked to your website ranked second, and maybe a Blogger post on the topic ranked third.

Your first reaction is, "Alright! I'm gonna get a ton of traffic." Then you think, "But I'm not getting a ton of traffic. What gives?"

Here's the reason: Are you logged into Google when you do the search? If Google knows you are the author, your content will rank really high, but for only you. If you want an honest result, you need to log out of Google before you do the search.

Hope this helps.

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Much obliges to you - thank you

Hi Andy,
You are right, that is why many people do their search using an incognito or private window when searching for their own site to see where they might be in the search engines.

Also, after doing a search in Google, in the upper right of the screen there are two icons,
The icon that is selected by default is one that looks like a person, those are your personal results
The icon that looks like a globe says, hide personal results
Thank you for bringing up this topic

Thanks! That will work too. I didn't know about clicking the globe.

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